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Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed? Take Back the Reins!

It’s official, folks… I’ve been feeling seriously overwhelmed lately, so I’m taking back the reins and taking back control of my life!! Who’s with me?

I started my website back in January and it was the fulfillment of a dream I've had for several years now. I’ve always wanted to have an on-line business where I compile and recommend the best self-help resources I’ve found over the years to create my ideal life. I love self-help books and could honestly spend hours upon hours reading them, and I wanted to create a place where I could share what I've learned with others. So I was super excited when I finally took the plunge and created my site, and even more excited when people really seemed to resonate with what I was doing!

At some point along the way, though, my website has started feeling more like a job than a creative and fun outlet for me. Writing blog posts and publishing my bi-weekly newsletter used to be rewarding and exciting for me, but now they just feel like extra tasks to add to my already lengthy to-do list. I find myself not wanting to get word out about my ebook, even though I know the information it contains can truly change lives and allow others to fulfill their wildest dreams!

As part of my plan to use fall as a time to reconnect with myself and my dreams, I took some time this weekend and curled up with my journal to figure out what’s really going on with me. I made some interesting discoveries, and I think what I discovered may help you, too!

I realized that I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately because I’ve lost touch with and control over my vision for my website. Initially I saw my site as a place where I would list products I had discovered along my journey and had received value from. Lately, though, people have been coming out of the woodwork to pitch products and resources they want me to list on my site! And while I am *extremely* grateful and appreciative that people want to be involved with my project and support what I'm doing, I’ve also realized that I’m losing control of what I envisioned for my website in the very beginning. Rather than being able to enjoy my on-line business as a means to explore my passion of self-help and personal growth, I feel like my website has turned into a means for other people to promote their products and put their interests first, while little old me is kind of getting pushed to the side!

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely happy to help others promote their materials (if they are worthwhile), but I don’t want to lose sight of my initial goal for my website. I think that part of what makes my website different than others, and special, is that I've been reading self-help books for years and can spot the real thing a mile away while weeding out the fluff. I don't want to take away the integrity I've been striving so hard to establish on my site.

So, all that to say I’m taking back the reins and I encourage you to do the same!

Are there areas in your life where you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe even burnt out?

Check in with yourself to see if your needs and wants are still getting met, or if you are just existing to make others happy. Are the actions you're carrying out still in-line with the overall vision you have for your life (or your business, your relationship, etc.)? Are you still getting a sense of joy or exhiliration from the activities that used to make you happy? If not, find ways to reconnect with your larger desires and what you're trying to achieve. I'm going to be implementing some new practices with respect to my website that ensure that my needs and wants are still being seen and heard!

A good reminder is what they say on airplanes: Put on your oxygen mask before putting on your child’s oxygen mask! After all, we have to be able to breathe and flourish if we are going to be there to help others breathe and fully flourish.

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