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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keeping a Love Journal

One of my favorite techniques for creating my ideal life and making things happen is keeping an evidence journal (see #7). This is a journal in which you record evidence that whatever it is you are desiring is on its way to you. Not only does this help you keep your thoughts and feelings positive and in a good vibration, but it also speeds up your manifestation because it keeps you focused on what you are trying to create!

I have so much fun keeping evidence journals that awhile back I decided to create an evidence journal with a twist... I started keeping a love journal! Instead of listing all the evidence that a particular goal or thing is on its way to me, I list all the ways I am loved. And let me tell you, I have more love in my life than I ever realized!

To keep a love journal, all you need is a journal, a pen, and the willingness to open yourself up to more love then you ever imagined was possible! Every day at the end of the day, preferably right before going to bed, take out your journal and list 5-10 things that demonstrate how loved you really are. Not only will this show you how much love is already present in your life, but thanks to the law of attraction it will also allow you to start attracting even more love into your life! (Remember, whatever you focus on expands...)

Although you can certainly list ways that you feel loved by your significant other, you also want to focus on other ways you feel loved in general. Have fun with this and really let your imagination run wild with all the various ways you are loved. You can list ways you feel loved by individual people, your pets, random strangers, the Universe, God or your Higher Power, life as a whole, etc.

Some examples might be:

• That person at the bank let me go in front of them today.
• My significant other brought flowers home unexpectedly.
• My dog gave me sloppy kisses at the end of the day.
• I got a raise and promotion at work!

To really amp up your self-love, be sure to list ways you love yourself as well, like:

• I allowed myself to indulge in a warm bubble bath after work.
• I didn't beat myself up for missing my workout this morning.
• I did the mirror exercise every day this week.

(see article here for description of the mirror exercise)

Again, really allow yourself to get creative with all the different ways you are loved. Also, feel free to decorate the cover of your journal if it helps you get in the spirit!

Keep doing this exercise regularly and I think you will be astonished by how loved you really are, no matter what is currently going on in your life!


  1. When I arrive home to my casa on Paradise Lane, I call out "Does anyone love me?" Carolyn often answers, my cat might show up and mew, my kids are likely to say nothing more positive than "Hi Dad!" I return the love to whoever answers of course.

    I like your description of the love journal, gotta start this.

    Dr. Steve Broe

  2. Great idea. This week I've been focusing on expressing gratitude. What better than to do so through a love journal!