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Monday, November 9, 2009

Self-Love Saturdays!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that a few weeks ago I initiated a new tradition called Self-Love Saturdays! I’ve been on my own self-love kick the past couple months, and have been participating in the seven-week Self-Love Studio teleseminar series (there's still a few weeks left to participate). The addition of Self-Love Saturdays to my life has been a perfect complement to everything else I've been doing, and I'm highly considering making it a weekly occurrence!

For me, this basically means setting aside an entire day, just for me! I have the whole day to do whatever I like, no questions asked. On these days I’ve intentionally not made any plans, so I have the entire day for me, tending to and nurturing myself however I see fit. I’ve been doing things like napping, taking long baths, meditating, attending yoga classes, doing the mirror exercise, reading, watching movies by candlelight, listening to peaceful music and soothing visualizations, etc. You get the idea! Obviously, depending on what you like to do, these things may or may not appeal to you so feel free to substitute other activities.

The point of having a self-love day is to create some time and space for YOU, and indulge in whatever your heart desires. For me, it is rest and relaxation. For others, it is going for a long run or playing a game of tennis that they can’t normally fit into their schedule. Some people (not me!) might feel better running tons of errands and checking things off their to-do list. Whatever calls to you, that’s what you do on your self-love day.

By setting aside an entire day for yourself (or even an hour if that’s all you have), you are signaling to both yourself and the Universe that you are important and that you are making yourself a priority. Remember, the way we treat ourselves is the way the world around us will treat us, so the higher we value ourselves the higher everyone else will value us! If you have a family or children it may be unrealistic to dedicate an entire day to yourself, but I still encourage you to slip away for an hour or two if you can and devote that time to yourself. An on-the-go yoga class or a quick walk in the park will do wonders for your soul!

Above all, it’s important on your self-love day to periodically check in with yourself to make sure that what you’re doing is what your body needs at the time. You may have set aside time to take a nap or read a book, but then realize that what your body actually needs is a walk outside in the fresh air. Be flexible and open to changing your plans! Again, this is all about you and giving yourself whatever you need. No questions asked and no guilt allowed. :)

For additional resources to help increase the amount of self-love in your life, be sure to go here.

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