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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Money Mojo Magic"

Ever since I started my website, the two questions I’m constantly asked are, “How do I create more money in my life?” and “How can I find my ideal partner?” I’ve got several relationship resources listed on my site (including a few new ones), but if you’re looking to increase the amount of cash flowing into your life, look no further! Occasionally I’ll be highlighting specific resources on this blog that I think are particularly effective, and this is one of those times.

Money Mojo Magic, by Jeannette Maw, is one of the best products I’ve seen in a long time for attracting money into your experience, and I’ve seen a lot. I literally started making more money the exact same day I read the ebook! (It’s a quick read, so it won’t be long before you start noticing results, too). Even though I've been studying this stuff for years, somehow this program helped me grasp money creation in a whole new way. And it's a lot easier than we've all been told!

Jeannette is a highly-regarded master law of attraction coach, and as a result this program comes entirely from a law of attraction stance. Therefore, just to be clear, this is not a program that talks about the actual steps to take in the real world to increase money, like investing in the stock market, or saving a certain amount every month. There are plenty of resources out there for that! Instead, this product addresses the real cause of all your money struggles or successes: your mindset and your overall vibe regarding money.

The truth is, until you get your beliefs and energy lined up with attracting more money into your life, all the “real-world” actions you take just won’t help. Any money you might make will eventually slip through your fingers and you’ll be right back where you started! This explains why professional athletes and lottery winners typically lose all their money within two years of receiving it. Until you've prepared yourself internally for large amounts of money, you won't see large amounts of money on the outside, no matter how many jobs you work, how much you save, or how much you invest.

I’ve been actively practicing the law of attraction since way before the movie "The Secret" came out, and I can tell you that it works. Whenever I start putting more energy, attention, and focus on creating more money, my bank balance increases. Conversely, when I start worrying about losing money or not making enough, that’s exactly when unexpected expenses pop up or I find myself shopping more than normal! Money Mojo Magic helps explain the upper limit phenomenon, which is at the heart of this problem. You'll also love this product because it shows you how to use the law of attraction to create other things in life besides money, like your ideal relationship, more energy, great health, your dream home, etc.

To learn more about how to change your results with money once and for all, go here. A workbook is included to help you uncover your current patterns, as well an hour-long audio. You will love Jeannette’s high energy and infectious laugh!


  1. I was very curious to hear what you would think, Self Help Goddess! This review means a LOT coming from you, because I know you get around when it comes to money-attracting resources.

    PS - I just read a note from a customer who said she actually got results after BUYING it, let alone actually READING it. Which I LOVED hearing because it shows my intention for purchasers to experience amazing financial growth and abundance is working. he he

    Thanks for a great review!

  2. PPS - can we just give acknowledgement to the miracle of the day?! Your blog let me post!! WOO HOO!!

    (I had to use my google ID where my name is misspelled, but STILL! Super cool!) lol

    Watch out for me now, Goddess, I'll be commenting all over this place!

  3. Even though I've been studying this stuff for years, somehow this program helped me grasp money creation in a whole new way.