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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

If you’ve checked here in the past few weeks hoping to see a new blog post, you’ve surely been disappointed! I normally try to write two new posts a week, but in addition to coming down with a bad cold I’ve also been super busy finishing my first ebook. (Be sure to check back next week to get your copy!)

As I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my ebook, I’ve been reflecting over the journey that has led me to this point. I’ve wanted to launch my website and create an ebook for a few years now, but my website just came into being this past January and my ebook is just now coming to fruition. I remember beating myself up last year because deep down I knew that I wanted to have a website, but I just couldn’t get my butt up off the couch to do anything about it! Even though I knew what I wanted to do, I just couldn’t make it happen.

As everything has come together, though, I see that it has all come together perfectly in its own timing. If I had started my website a few years ago when I initially wanted to, I wouldn’t have had the resources or the knowledge that I do now that has helped it be successful. People I’ve just recently met in the past year have been really instrumental in helping me create my website.

Have you noticed this in your life? It can be easy to beat ourselves up when things don’t seem to be going the way we want them to. Say you’re interviewing for a new job, but the job you’re dying for was just offered to someone else. Or you’re in the market for a new home, but the offer you just made on what you thought was your dream home was completely turned down without even a counter-offer!

Our natural reaction is to get frustrated when this happens, but if you look carefully at your life you’ll see that usually these things lead to even better things in the future. Like you’re eventually offered an even better job than the one that you were initially hoping for, or you end up with a new home that has even more of the qualities you were looking for. Oprah’s life coach, Martha Beck, says to look back at all the “negative” things that have happened to you in your life and find a way that each of those things actually led to a great thing that happened in your life. That’s pretty powerful!

Sometimes being patient and just letting things unfold naturally can be a good thing. I’m not recommending not taking action towards your goals and just expecting everything to show up on your doorstep. But if you’ve done everything you can do and things don’t seem to be panning out right now, try taking that as a sign that the timing is not quite right yet. The Universe sees the bigger picture and will deliver your desires to you at exactly the right moment, no sooner and no later. You can rest assured that when the timing is right for your desire to be delivered, it will be.


  1. wow, sounds like you have been crazy busy. we missed you! hope you are feeling better. this post really resonated with me, it's exactly what's been on my mind recently. i've been fighting to pass the gmat to get back into grad school and twice now i haven't passed. BUT i put it out to the universe and the universe made the decision for me :) i am already on what i'm calling "plan b" which i will be unveiling on my blog soon (i have two meetings regarding the details tomorrow). "plan b" has been a passion of mine for a long time now and i know it's gonna work out better than i ever imagined!

  2. Melita!! That is such a great attitude to have! With an attitude like that, I have *no doubt* that your plan b will be a success beyond your wildest imagination. :-)

    I'll keep checking your blog for more details about your next adventure!