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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Create A Vision Statement

Most of you have probably heard of creating a vision statement or mission statement for businesses, but how many of you have ever thought of creating a vision statement for your life? Let’s explore this a little further!

A vision statement is basically a statement that describes an ideal outcome, whether it’s for your business, your organization, your family, or your life! A vision statement answers the question, “What direction am I (are we) headed in?” and serves to inspire you and motivate you to achieve that vision. Traditionally they are used in the professional world, but today I’d like to encourage you to create a vision statement for your life… and live from that as often as possible.

In order to create a vision statement for your life, you’ll want to first check in with yourself and figure out what your top values are, i.e. the most important things to you in life. Do you value success in the corporate world, commitment to family, or a combination of the two? Do you value adventure and excitement, or peace and tranquility? Do you value relationships, your independence, or a balance of the two? Take some time to really discover what you value and want out of life.

Once you’ve decided upon your values (pick 3-5 that really resonate with you), you can begin incorporating them into your personal vision statement. Construct your vision statement in the present tense, and really capture the essence of what you want your ideal life to look like. You can use a few sentences (it doesn’t have to be just one), and use emotion wherever you can to really get your senses involved in your vision. Remember, your vision statement is supposed to inspire you and propel you forward to creating your ideal life, so make it extra juicy!

A few months back I did this exercise and came up with the following vision statement: “I am so ecstatic to be consciously creating my ideal life on a daily basis and making all of my dreams come true. I am committed to creating the financial abundance I require to live the life of my dreams, travel the world, and express myself in all ways possible. I am 100% committed to personal growth and becoming the best possible version of myself. Above all, I am committed to loving myself exactly as I am, through thick and thin, and loving and supporting others to become all that they can be and create their ideal lives.“

From my vision statement above, you can tell that my main values are self-expression, personal growth, living my ideal life and making all of my dreams come true, enabling others to create their ideal lives, financial abundance, and travel. Read your statement over a few times to make sure it really captures and represents what you’re striving to achieve in life!

Once you’ve created your vision statement and are satisfied with it, display it in various places that you will see often. This way you will be constantly reminded of what your ideal life looks like, so you will focus on it and go after it! Put copies of your vision statement up on your refrigerator, on your computer, in your wallet, on the mirror in your bathroom, etc., wherever you will see it often. You can handwrite it or type it, whatever you think will capture your attention the most. Feel free to get creative with it as well, and use various colors and designs when displaying it.

Having your personal vision statement and thinking about it often can be helpful in motivating you to achieve your dreams, but can also keep you focused when things are not going exactly as planned. Say you value creativity and expressing creative aspects of yourself, but right now you are working a corporate job that doesn’t allow you to express those sides of you. Don’t fret! You can still express creativity in your life, both at work or at home. At work, you can write in your journal on your lunch break or be creative in the way you decorate your office. If that’s not cutting it, be sure to devote lots of time outside of work to expressing your creativity. Take a painting class, start a blog, or write a novel! The point is, even if your dream is to be in a profession that fully supports your creative urges, you can still express those urges now while you are waiting for your ideal vision to manifest.

Take a few minutes today to create a personal vision statement for your life, and set an intention that you are going to make all of your wildest dreams come true!

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  1. To a large extent, the life I am living today was a "written-down" vision from years ago. Actually I should have dreamed "bigger", but I am now! Listen to the Goddess!