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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creating a Life You Love!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past month or so, there's been a lot going on! I took a last minute two-week business trip to South Africa, and then ended up having an "extended" vacation in Paris due to the volcano in Iceland. During my almost month-long sabbatical from my regular life, I learned many very important and beneficial life lessons and will be posting several blogs in the upcoming weeks about what I learned. Keep your eyes on this space if you’re interested. Above all, I learned that LIFE IS GOOD and just keeps getting better!

To make a long story short, I was returning to the States from South Africa and was planning on spending three days in Paris on the way home. Three days turned into eight days due to the volcano that closed down virtually all airports in Western Europe! After adjusting to the shock that I was literally “stuck” in Paris, I spent an additional five days creating an absolutely magical vacation. What better way to turn an absolutely absurd situation into an excuse for loving myself and creating my ideal life!

I *LOVE* Paris, absolutely love it. I'm a real Francophile and always have been. I lived there for two years following college and when I'm there things just fall into place for me like you would not believe. (More details in my ebook if you're interested). I feel more connected to who I really am while in Paris, and part of me secretly wonders if I was French in a former life!

However, I also noticed something interesting the other week while I was there. In addition to feeling extremely fulfilled every time I'm in Paris, I also go out of my way to create a life I love when I'm there. I'm out of my hotel super early every morning and don't come home until super late. I spend the days going to outdoor cafes, browsing in shops I love, dining at my favorite restaurants, journaling and relaxing in parks and gardens, taking pictures of the blooming flowers, etc. Everything I do in Paris is a *sensory* experience, from eating my favorite foods, to visiting museums and admiring the artwork, to sitting on the side of the Seine and really soaking in the atmosphere. I make every minute count, and the same was true when I lived there, not just when I’m there on vacation.

It got me thinking about my current life in Washington, DC. Just because I live in DC and not Paris, there’s no reason I can’t create a life I love here in DC just like I do when I’m in Paris! In many ways Washington is very similar to Paris, especially the particular neighborhood I live in. There are cafes, shops, bars, restaurants, outdoor markets, museums, giant cathedrals, parks, beautiful flowers, etc. However, I don't currently spend a lot of time actually enjoying these things and taking advantage of them like I do when I'm in Paris. That's when it hit me: it's time I stop wishing I lived in Paris and start revelling in my life here, right now!

Let me ask you this: How many of you are actively creating a life you love on a daily basis, versus feeling sorry for yourself because you’re not currently experiencing your ideal career, or relationship, or living situation, or weight, etc? That’s no excuse to not be creating your ideal life! There are things you could be doing right now to enhance your enjoyment of life, even before that thing or situation you are wanting arrives. So start doing those things! Sure, it might not be *exactly* the same as if you were truly already living your ideal life, but it’s a start… a great start, in fact!

The law of attraction brings you more of whatever you spend the majority of your time focusing on and feeling. Therefore, the more time you spend in delicious feelings of happiness and fulfillment while entertaining thoughts about how much you love your life, the more the Universe will bring to you to match these thoughts and emotions, including your ideal job, weight, financial situation, relationship, etc. Isn't this great news?!

So I invite you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start creating a life you love, right this very minute! Especially with summer right around the corner, now's a great time to commit to creating a life you're absolutely ecstatic about. Why not take the next few months to concentrate on doing activities that bring you joy and fill you with a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment, every single day? I'll definitely be doing this, and I encourage you to do the same!

And be sure to check out my ebook, Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life, to learn more about how I manifested my ideal life in Paris for two years straight out of college. It's all I could think about the other week when I was there!


  1. This is such a great post! I will be traveling to Paris (and some other great European cities) this summer for the first time and I am so much looking forward to it...

    It's so important for us all to learn to enjoy each and every day and learn to appreciate even the small things in our life. It's amazing how much we overlook when we don't take the time to acknowledge all of the great things around us!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this...it is something I post about often over in my blog too!
    Hope you have a great day,
    Vanessa from Optimal Optimist

  2. Mary, you are such a source of inspiration. Thank you for this powerful reminder that magic & wonder in life doesn't only have to take place away from our everyday life, but should be looked for in each moment. It is a fabulous push to not settle and to keep working toward our dreams. Thank you for this dose of light & hope. Blessed be. -- Melanie (aka Larkn0298)

  3. Hey Mary!

    A couple times over the past month, I wondered how you were doing. It's great to hear all has been well.

    I really enjoyed hearing about your trip to South Africa in your newsletter today and your extended trip to Paris in this post.

    I just love how you had faith in the Universe that everything in South Africa would work out well. And how you created such a wonderful experience in Paris is so very inspiring.

    You make a great point to focus on doing this in the cities that we live in. I know sometimes I get too caught up daydreaming about the future when I should be focused on fully enjoying where I am right now.

    Welcome home and enjoy the warmer weather!

  4. This was really inspirational. Reminded me of an article over at colourstory.com about creating a life you love and the law of attraction. Worth a read.

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